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Available Areas

For Your Departure

On Your Arrival

Taxi departs the airport when all passengers with booking are picked up.


Service Areas Adult Fare
Travelling Time Service Areas Adult Fare
Travelling Time
Tosu City 3,000 Yen 80 Min Arita-cho 3,000 Yen 80 Min
Taku City 3,000 Yen 50 Min Omachi-cho, Kohoku-cho, Shiroishi-cho 2,500 Yen 50 Min
Takeo City 3,000 Yen 60 Min Tarachou 3,000 Yen 70 Min~
90 Min
Kashima City 3,000 Yen 50 Min Kurume City 2,500 Yen 60 Min
Ogi City 2,000 Yen 35 Min Omuta City 3,000 Yen 45 Min
Ureshino Onsen (Ureshino City) 3,000 Yen 60 Min Yanagawa City, Okawa City 1,500 Yen 25 Min
Kanzaki City, Yoshinogari-cho 2,500 Yen 45 Min~80 Min Chikugo City 2,000 Yen 45 Min
Kiyama-cho 3,000 Yen 90 Min Miyama City 2,000 Yen 40 Min
Kamimine-cho 2,500 Yen 55 Min Oki-machi 1,500 Yen 35 Min
Miyaki-cho 3,000 Yen * 50 Min~75 Min      

*Services in the SouthSagaCity Area will be suspended from April 1,2024.
*The travelling times from Saga Airport to each destination shown herein are estimation only.
*The fare for children aged 11 or under is half the adult fare.
*No fee applies to an infant aged 2 or under if he or she is accompanied by an adult and needs no seat (only one infant per one adult).
*Usage fees for the Miyaki-cho area will change from April 1,2024 due to the Saga Prefecture taxi meter farerevision. The price has been revised(previously 2,500yen).

Condition for Operation

  • Taxi will be shared depending on the booking and availability.
  • Booking is required. Please book 2-days in advance, until 4pm.
  • Taxi will be available for minimum number of 1 person, for passengers of all flights which arrive to / depart from KYUSHU-SAGA International Airport.
  • Up to 1 big luggage
  • Pick-up and drop-off will be on designated sites.

Please Note

  • No pick-up or drop-off outside of "available areas."
  • Either of pick-up or drop-off must be at KYUSHU-SAGA International Airport.
  • No operation without booking.
  • There is a possibility of cancellation on operation due to extraordinary accidents or traffics.
  • All taxies in Saga Prefecture are non-smoking cars since January 20th, 2009. For details of time schedule and designated pick-up / drop-off sites, please contact taxi companies of each area.